Launched in May, 2019, Dear Love was a romantic ode to celebrating love stories. As a seasoned bridesmaid, somewhat similar to the film 27 Dresses it opened my eyes to a new world. The fun and creativity of the invitations, DIY decorations and games at the bachelorette party. But what better way to unite all of your friends and family but with matching robes. I was frustrated to find polyester robes that had been mass produced. They didn’t give off the personal touch that such a magical day deserves. So in August, 2018 I set out to start ‘Dear Love’.

I have put my knowledge of the fashion industry to good use and created a list of values to illustrate what Dear Love is passionate about.  

  1. Using natural fibres.
  2. Small beginnings.
  3. Creating timeless designs.
  4. Making moves towards sustainability.  

Every Dear Love piece has been made with these 4 values in mind. I hope you are able to share in this love story too.              

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